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Ant Pest Control Milton Keynes, Bletchley & Newport Pagnell

Ants (Lasius Niger) are temperate species that live in soil or dwellings; this can be anything from a nest in a garden to under paving stones, foundations or occasionally within buildings. They feed on a wide range of foods including sweet substances, seeds, insects and aphid secretions. Ants can live for many years, you have the worker ants that tend to grow to 3-5mm long and then your young queen ants that tend to grow up to 12 mm long and once they're big enough and get their wings will then leave the nest to start new ones.

The Problems Ant's May Cause

Because ants are tiny it's easy to believe they don't pose much risk to property or your general health; however, this isn't the case.

  • Disease Transmission - Although ants aren't classed as a health risk you may end up with some disease due to cross contamination. This is because where they forage, they may have to walk across unsavoury and unclean areas.
  • Inflamed skin, cramps and headaches due to ant venom received from bites.
  • Lawns and gardens can get damaged from nests.
  • Electrical cables may get damaged from ants chewing.
  • Structural property damage from ants chewing.

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Ant Control Methods We Use

Residual sprays, Dust or Aerosols may be used to kill or deter the entry of ants. Bendiocarb is particularly effective. You can also use Sodium Tetraborate which is a fast-acting poison.

Prevention Of Future Ant Damage & Infestation

Once your ant problem has been cleared, there are a few simple tips you can employ to prevent them from returning in the future.

  • Fill in or seal obvious faults in the structure to avoid ants re-entering.
  • Seal windows, doors and cracks with Caulk to prevent ants re-entering.
  • Clean surfaces in your home with white vinegar and water or lemon and water, ants hate the smell of these. This also removes any trace of previous trails the ants used and left. Peppermint oil wiped over surfaces once cleaned also does the same thing.
  • Draw a line of chalk outside doors or under windows; this is a great ant deterrent.

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