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Squirrel Pest Control Milton Keynes, Bletchley & Newport Pagnell

The Grey Squirrel also known as (Sciurus Carolinensis) it is a rodent. They are adapted for climbing and jumping, and they have sharp claws for gripping and a long bushy tail for balance. It is mainly a resident of broad-leaved and conifer woodland but is also found in hedgerows. It is a common resident of urban areas where it lives in parks and gardens, wherever there are trees. Their activity begins before sunrise, especially in winter but ends well before sunset. Their main peak is 4-5 hours after dawn.

Grey Squirrels must not be confused with Red Squirrels which are protected under the Wildlife And Countryside Act 1981.

Signs Of Squirrel Presence

  • Feeding signs - These include pinecones from which the wings have been stripped to extract seed leaving behind the core, nuts in which a hole has been gnawed and split open and tooth marks that have been left on top of fungi.
  • Stripping of bark on trees such as beech and sycamore.
  • Droppings - they vary in shape and colour depending on the food they eat. They can be Spherical like those of a rabbit or Elongated similar to that of a rat.
  • Squirrel tracks - These are sometimes visible in mud and snow. The forefoot has four long slender toes around a rectangular pad, the thumb is hidden and not seen in the tracks, and the hind foot is elongated with five toes, the fifth is like a thumb. Squirrels move by hopping over the ground, and the trail will show all four feet close together in a line.

The Problems Squirrels Can Cause

  • Squirrels enter roof spaces and chew the woodwork and ceilings.
  • They strip insulation from Electrical wiring.
  • Tear up fibreglass insulation to form a drey.
  • They can drown in cold water storage tanks.
  • They take fruit such as Strawberries, Apples and Plums from gardens.
  • They dig holes in lawns to bury food.
  • Damage to trees in Forestry, Woodlands and Parks from stripping off bark which can lead to weakening, misshape of and even death of trees.

Squirrel Pest Control Methods

  • Drey Poking and Shooting – This is a traditional method of squirrel control which requires two people. One uses a set of poles to poke out the dreys while the other person shoots them as they emerge.
  • Spring Traps – These should be set in natural or artificial tunnels. Squirrels are inquisitive animals and will investigate such tunnels leading to trapping.
  • Live Capture Traps – The nature of squirrels behaviour means they can be caught in baited cage traps throughout the year; however in autumn they are more reluctant to enter traps.
  • Poison Baiting – Warfarin with Wholegrain Wheat Bait only, can be used against Grey Squirrels but only under carefully regulated conditions.

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