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24/7 Hour Pest Control Milton Keynes, Bletchley & Newport Pagnell

We are a local 24/7 hour emergency pest control company based in Milton Keynes serving both small domestic concerns and commercial business owners who require general or contract pest control services in Buckinghamshire.

Why Choose One Stop Pest Control

We can help get rid of all types of pest's and vermin including Insects (Bed bug's, Bee's, Flea's, Cockroach's, Wasp and Wasp Nests, Ant's, Woodworm, Spider's, Fly's, Silverfish), Mammals (Rabbit's, Deer, Fox's), Rodents (Rat's, Squirrel's, Mice, Mole's), Birds (Geese, Pigeon's, Starlings) and Reptiles (Snakes).

Our companies years of experience have resulted in us being able to use the most efficient combination of insecticides and pesticides available on the market combined with the latest collection of equipment and traps.

Our vans are sign written but we also offer discrete unmarked van service when requested at no extra cost to protect our customer's privacy and prevent any embarrassment and/or damage to a companies reputation.

Our qualified team of controllers regularly deliver all manner of vermin & pest control services across Milton Keynes, Bletchley & Newport Pagnell at cost effective prices.

We guarantee to beat any genuine price quote you may have received from a genuine pest control company near you. We are available to offer advice and suggestions for long term prevention of reoccurring infestations as well as pest proofing against any future damage.

Some Of The Pests We Can Assist With

Non-Lethal Trapping, Removal & Release Services

We can assist customers who would prefer non-lethal removal of certain pests & vermin such as Mice, Snakes, Geese, Deer and Fox's from private land and relocate them to a suitable non-residential habitat where they can be safely released to live out their lives. Certain Birds and Mammals are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 therefore the safe release is the only option available.

Innovative Aerial On-Site Pest Inspection's

Aerial drone survey and inspection is the latest modernisation we have added to our companies services in order to provide a new and affordable way to inspect high rise buildings in Milton Keynes and Buckinghamshire that were previously only accessible using traditional methods. With the use of the latest in aerial drone surveying technology we are able to quickly examine roof's and gutters for damage and the presence of nesting birds as well as wasp nests and other pests nearby.

This technology also allows us to asses the costs of installing bird proofing measures to a property and provides our customers with a fast accurate quote for any pest proofing measures required.

Customer Review
We have been using One Stop Pest Control as our Cafe's contract pest control company for over 2 years now and are incredibly happy with the speed and quality of service they have provided us with. We have absolutely no hesitation recommending them to other local businesses and residents.
- 6th Mar, 2018

One Stop Pest Control is rated 5 out of 5 based on 1 customer reviews.

We operate an in hours and out of hours service to provide emergency services 24/7 all year round.

For more information or a free no obligation price quote for pest control in Milton Keynes, Bletchley & Newport Pagnell or throughout Buckinghamshire please e-mail us or ring us on 01908 991096 or 07793 053282 today.

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