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Pigeon Proofing Milton Keynes, Bletchley & Newport Pagnell

Are you looking for a reliable pest control business in Milton Keynes, Bletchley or Newport Pagnell to eradicate a current pigeon problem or provide pigeon proofing services for your commercial, domestic or council property? Look no further our team of insured and certified pest controllers can help.

The pigeon is found in towns and cities all over the world and has adapted well to life in an urban environment. They build their nests in sheltered, protected sites on buildings and other structures. Large numbers of nests are often found under bridges or eves, derelict buildings and even in lofts of houses and commercial premises.

The dependence on humans for food has led to them becoming a serious pest.

The Problems Pigeon's Cause

Pigeon droppings are very unsightly and are corrosive to paint on buildings exteriors and window ledges, should the problem be ignored for a prolonged period pressure washing services may be required to restore the buildings exterior to a clean and hygienic state regularly without proper pigeon proofing for the property.

  • Pigeons carry Mites which can cause Skin Disease.
  • The dust from pigeon feathers can cause respiratory problems.
  • The droppings from pigeons are Acidic which can lead to damage to buildings and machinery. Also, their droppings plus food left down for them can cause walkways to be slippery leading to accidents.
  • The nesting materials from pigeons and their feathers can block gutters and air vents.
  • They spread the disease to other bird species, reducing their numbers.

Pigeon Control Methods & Pigeon Proofing

  • Shooting of pigeons if they are persistently overcoming proofing.
  • Proofing, these include spikes, nets, weld mesh and sprung wire.
  • Scaring, tactile scaring using an electric ledge deterrent.
  • Ultrasonic Repeller, a highly disturbing sound wave. Bird gel repellent is also quite good; this is a sticky substance that they hate the feel and smell of so they move on elsewhere.
  • Bird Reflectors, these are a highly reflective material that creates chaotic dances with light.

Prevention Of Future Pigeon Damage & Infestation

  • Make certain nesting areas are as inhospitable as possible.
  • Install Spike Strips on ledges and windowsills to deter pigeons from landing.
  • Tie string above roosting regions, this will make landing uncomfortable for them.
  • Install sloping covers to ledges, if there is no flat area for pigeons to balance on or nest on they will move on.
  • Seal any potential nesting areas they can get to pay extra attention to eaves and the attic.

If you are interested in our pigeon removal or pigeon proofing of your building in Milton Keynes, Bletchley & Newport Pagnell or the surrounding areas we cover, please contact us.

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